International Day of Italian Cuisines

IDIC 2009: The Map


Media Coverage

The 2009 International Day of Italian Cuisines received some very satisfactory media coverage. It has been practically impossible to track down all the media, especially those online, that gave account of the event. But the following list includes a direct link to some of them.

In Italian

Corriere della Sera 17 January 2009 (pdf version)
La Repubblica 14 January 2009 (pdf version)
Il Giornale 04.01.09 (
Il Giornale 17.01.09 (
L’Espresso Kata Web (
Wine News (

RAI TG1 17 January 2009 h. 20.30 (
RAI TG2 17 January 2009 h. 20.00 (link not available)
RAI TG3 LOMBARDIA 17 January 2009 h. 19.00 (link not available)
STUDIO APERTO 17 January 2009 h. 18.30 (link not available)
TG5 17 January 2009 h. 20.30 (link not available)
Radio Marconi (audio file)
LA PROVINCIA DI SONDRIO 18-01-2009 (pdf version)
L’Acqua Buona (’open-colonna/)
Agroalimentare News (
Altissimo Ceto (
A Ruota Libera di Liborio Butera (
ASA (Ass. Stampa Agroalimentare Italiana) (
Chef di Cucina Magazine (
Cronache Maceratesi (
Enopress (
Forum Ristoratori italiani (
Ginger & Tomato (
Golosamente Maurizio Santin (
Gusti & Gusto (
Sottocoperta (
Guide Super Eva (
Spazio di Staximo ( 099f1251da4bf0c30fe8656b7882952e)
Siracusa News (
Turismo in Italia (
Bravo Cook (
Italia chiama Italia (
Food & Co Andrea Graziano (
Informacibo 17.01.09 (
Informacibo 18.01.09 (
Informacibo 18.01.09 (
Italfood Market (
Italia a Tavola 08.01.09 (
Italia a Tavola 21.01.09 (
L’altra Italia (
Il Maglio (
Mamma che buono (
Mangia e abbina (
Massimo (
Milanodabere (
ONAV Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori di Vino (
NewsEnews (
Newsfood (
Papero Giallo (
Danilossur (

In English

South China Morning Post 16.01.2009 ( 11f5b7f8a66c2b30&mt=application%2Fpdf)
Hong Kong Clubbing ( Celebrate_International_Day_of_Italian_Cuisines_.html)
The Tony Mangia show Radio WP 88.7 FM ( 121640995601&h=x77CB&u=q-jvz)
InTown Mix Dallas (pdf version)
Italian American Girl (
Food Network Fans (
Suite 101 ( and_risotto_milanese_event)
Italian Made (
Plannerwire (
Red Inside (
Press Release (
Xing (

In other languages

Italianos de Argentina (
Communiqué de Presse (
Le Chef (
Ile de France (
De Volkskrant (


International Day of Italian Cuisines: already a Tradition


Our annual appeal to Italian culinary professionals and lovers of Italian food, at whatever longitude and latitude they may be, is a tradition by now. Thousands of them join itchefs-GVCI on January 17 to celebrate authentic Italian cuisine and to protect it from forgery and counterfeiting. “The IDIC is born from a mission”, says Mario Caramella, “We certainly aim at educating worldwide consumers, but more than anything else, we want to protect their right to get what they pay for when go to eateries labelled as Italian, that is, authentic and quality Italian cuisine”.


17.01.2009 – An unforgettable International Day of Italian Cuisines

Mario Caramella
Mario Caramella

“It has really been an unforgettable day”, says Giulio Vierci, chef and owner of Giulio’s Wine Bar in Sapporo, Japan. “Our clients greatly appreciated the mythical risotto alla milanese”, adds Armando Capochiani, chef at Venexia Restaurant in Shanghai, China. “A great success”, confirms Emanuele Esposito, executive chef of il Villaggio, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, who prepared the risotto not in the kitchen but in the restaurant lounge in front of his clients as many of his colleagues around the world did.

These are the comments of just three of the hundreds chefs who participated in the International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) last January 17th. “We are very happy about how the celebration has gone”, says Mario Caramella, GVCI President and Executive Chef from Bali, Indonesia. He adds: “I want to thank the hundreds chefs, the thousands of cooks, kitchen assistants and waiters for making this unique event in over 50 countries possible.” “Moreover, we are very grateful to the restaurant customers everywhere for understanding and enthusiastically sharing the spirit of the day”, says Rosario Scarpato, managing editor, who managed the communications of the event.


IDIC 2009: a clear goal and a positive balance

By Rosario Scarpato

The recent celebration of the International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) in almost 100 cities around the world the past 17th January leaves different points to be considered. The 300 chefs and restaurants of the GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs) that glued themselves to the preparation of a genuine Risotto alla Milanese, not only decreed the success of the initiative but also gave testimony that, at whichever longitude and latitude, there is a great desire for authentic and quality Italian wining and dining. Everywhere, the public’s participation was enthusiastic. Many restaurateurs, excited by the pleasure expressed by so many of their guests offered a free taste of Risotto alla Milanese to everybody.

Furthermore, seen purely from the point of view of marketing, the IDIC demonstrated that a promotional activity coordinated and carried out directly by professionals of the sector, chefs, restaurateurs and the itchefs-GVCI promoters, although done with the tightest of means, pays off much more than the hundreds of fragmentary (and often million-dollar) initiatives managed by unprepared personnel. However, the International Day of Italian Cuisines is today first and foremost a cultural movement, and then and only then a commercial one. Defending Italian oenogastronomy worldwide from supposedly Italian fakes is not a neoprotectionist reaction. Instead, it is preserving a legitimate advantage Italy has on the market, as well as both guaranteeing the consumers in every country the right to receive the products they pay for and contributing to maintaining the pleasure of culinary diversity in the world.
For Italian chefs and restaurateurs worldwide, not only those of the GVCI, the IDIC is a way of elevating their profile and of promoting a product, their Italian cuisine that is, that gives them their exclusivity.
This year’s success lets us hope that the next International Day of Italian Cuisines, the one of 2010, may turn out to be the biggest promotional event of Italian oenogastronomy in the world.

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