International Day of Italian Cuisines

The Americas: the New York launch, great celebrations in Mexico, Rio and Argentina

Anne Burrell, Cesare Casella and Giovanni Grasso
at the Italian Culinary Academy New York
preparing risotto alla Milanese

This International Day of Italian Cuisines was launched with a worldwide preview on 15th January during a reception for media and industry professionals at the ICA – Italian Culinary Academy in New York City.

Hosted by Cesare Casella, the executive chef of the Salumeria Rosi, a senior member of the GVCI and above all the director of the Italian Culinary Studies at the ICA, the preview featured the participation of Rosario Scarpato, food and wine expert and honorary president of GVCI; Food Network chef and hostess, Anne Burrell; Mark Ladner, executive chef of Del Posto Restaurant; and GVCI senior member Giovanni Grasso, chef patron of La Credenza restaurant in Turin, Italy. Mario Caramella, GVCI president, spoke from Bali, in a videoconference.

launch of the IDIC09
Cesare Casella (Dean), Mark Ladner (Executive Chef Del Posto)
and Rosario Scarpato at the New York launch of the
International Day of Italian Cuisines
New York
The International Culinary Centre
and the The Italian Culinary Academy,
New York
GVCI's chefs
New York based GVCI’s chefs: (from left) Enrico Bazzoni, Ivan Beacco, Paola Botero, Cesare Casella,
Giovanni Grasso, Anne Burrell, Mark Ladner, Rosario Scarpato and Odette Fada

For the occasion Roberto Bava, senior GVCI member and wine producer, sent some rare bottles of his fine Piano Alto Barbera d’Asti, 1999 vintage. Every New-York-based chef and restaurateur belonging to itchefs-GVCI participated in the event, including Tony Mai (San Domenico Events), who spent a long part of his professional life in the promotion of authentic Italian Cuisine in New York and the U.S. at large.

Toni Mai and R. Scarpato
Restaurateur and Italian Cuisine
promoter Toni Mai (San Domenico Events)
with Rosario Scarpato at the Italian
Culinary Academy New York

New York based GVCI members prepared risotto alla milanese two days later. The majority cooked and served it in their restaurants, as did Ivan Beacco (Borgo Antico), but others in special settings: chef Odette Fada of San Domenico Events was hired by the Italian fashion family, Bulgari, to prepare risotto at their New York home; the former executive chef, Enrico Bazzoni (now food consultant, Culinary Liaisons) joined the celebration by cooking risotto at home for friends visiting from New Zealand.

Enrico Bazzoni,
food consultant (Culinary Liaisons)
prepares risotto for his
New Zealand guests

Among the chefs who cooked risotto in Canada was Claudio Rossi, recently appointed executive chef of the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto. This caused particular pride for Claudio, since he was born in Milan.

Ivan Beacco, Borgo Antico restaurant in New York City, celebrates
the 2009 IDIC among his clients eating Risotto alla Milanese
Claudio Rossi
Claudio Rossi, Executive chef at the
Four Seasons Hotel Toronto (Canada) and his risotto
Four Seasons Hotel Toronto (Canada): Claudio Rossi’s
Risotto is ready at the Studio Cafè Resturant

The IDIC celebrations were successful in Central and South America as well: Silvia Bernardini of L’invito in Veracruz was the point of reference in Mexico; she not only celebrated in her restaurant but participated in the organization of a Risotto Night promoted by the Amassador Felice Scauso and Marco Bellingeri the Director of the Italian Institute of Culture, at the Italian Embassy in Districto Federal (Mexico City). Risotto has been cooked by Luigi Pironti. In other parts of Mexico, other itchefs-GVCI associates participated in the ola, such as Alessandro Mancuso, Maravia Resort, La Paz, Baja California.

Elena Ruocco
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): Elena Ruocco,
itchefs event coordinator, joined Francesco
Carli, Executive Chefs at the
Copacabana Hotel, to cook Risotto
alla Milanese for the 2009 IDIC

A special celebration was organised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, by Elena Ruocco, itchefs event coordinator, and Francesco Carli, executive chef of the Copacabana Hotel, and supervisor of the in-house Ristorante Cipriani. Elena has been of a great help in the organization of the worldwide 2009 IDIC.

Tony Cavalli
Tony Cavalli, Cantina Don Domenico
Restaurant, Manaus (Brazil)
with one of his customers

For Tony Cavalli, in Manaus, Brazil, as well, the 17th of January was a day to remember.

In Chile, Roberto Illari, celebrated a successful IDIC in his new position as chef (and co-owner) of Belpaese Restaurant in Santiago. “It was a magic day,” said Roberto.

Roberto Illari
Roberto Illari, chef and coowner
of Belpaese in Santiago (Chile)

Bruni restaurant,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Argentina, TV celebrity chef, Donato De Santis, included risotto alla milanese on the day’s menu of Bruni, the restaurant he co-owns in Buenos Aires, having previously invited all the Italian restaurants in Argentina to prepare and serve a genuine risotto alla milanese for the IDIC: Luciano Nanni, of Once Resto Bar in the city of Rosario, was among the first to take up Donato’s appeal.

Chefs who cooked Risotto alla Milanese in the Americas

Donato de Santis, Bruni Restaurant, Buenos Aires

Francesco Carli, Copacabana Palace Hotel, Rio de Janeiro
Elena Ruocco, Personal Chef and Italian Cuisine Cooking Classes, Rio de Janeiro
Tony Cavalli, Cantina Don Domenico Restaurant, Manaus

Gabriele Paganelli, Romagna Mia Restaurant, Toronto
Gianni Poggio, Gianni &Maria Trattoria, Toronto
Claudio Rossi, Studio Cafè Resturant at the Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto
Giampiero Tondina, Copper Creek Golf Club, Kleinburg

Nino John Boccato, Zamaca’ Bed and Breakfast Inn,Saint Lucia
Ignazio Podda , Unique Villas of the Caribbean, Jamaica
Antonio Tardi, Italian Village Beaches, Turks & Caicos

Roberto Illari, Belpaese Restaurant, Santiago
Walter Monticelli, Due Torri Restaurant, Santiago

Luigi Passano, Riviera Restaurant, Guayaquil

Silvia Bernardini, L’Invito Restaurant, Veracruz
Alessandro Mancuso, Maravia Resort, La Paz, Baja California
Festa del Risotto alla Milanese at the Italian Embassy in Mexico City. Organised by the Embassador Felice Scauso, the Director of the Italian Institute of Culture Marco Bellingeri and our Silvia Bernardini [L'Invito Restaurant / Veracruz]. Risotto was cooked by Luigi Pironti, Italian cuisine expert.

Alberto Gianati, Casa Italia Restaurant, San Juan

Gaetano Ascione, Al Bentley Hilton, Miami
Enrico Bazzoni, Culinary Liaisons, New York
Ivan Beacco, Borgo Antico Restaurant, New York
Paola Bottero, Paola’s Restaurant, New York
Andrea Cavaliere, Cecconi’s Restaurant, West Hollywood
Odette Fada. San Domenico Event , Risotto alla Milanese for Bulgari (private function), New York
Francesco Farris, Arcodoro&Pomodoro Restaurant, Dallas
Giancarlo Ferrara, Arcodoro Restaurant, Houston
Andrea Ossola, Quattro Restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel, Houston