International Day of Italian Cuisines


Chef Monti heads the kitchen at Gaia with a fresh and thoroughly modern style of Italian cooking. A native of Rome –the source of his classical training and experience— Paolo has worked at some of The Eternal City’s most renowned restaurants, including Alberto Ciarla, the famous seafood venue; the Michelin-star Eden Hotel; and Checco ar 13 ‘mo, one of the oldest trattorias in Rome. Paolo also draws on seven years of experience with a number of leading Los Angeles restaurants, notably as sous chef to the legendary Mauro Vincenti at the famous REX il Ristorante, Louise’s Trattoria and the Alto Palato Trattoria, ranked among the Top 10 restaurants in LA. Not surprisingly considering his influences, Paolo’s cooking style combines authentic Italian with health-conscious Californian – creating a high quality, lighter Italian cuisine which is so popular today.