International Day of Italian Cuisines

Ossobuco (two S, one C) in Gremolata alla Milanese: The Official Dish of the IDIC 2012

For the fifth year in a row the International Day of Italian Cuisines comes back on the next January 17, 2012. Once again it will be a worldwide celebration of authentic and quality Italian Cuisine. The IDIC 2012 official dish is OSSOBUCO IN GREMOLATA ALLA MILANESE, another landmark of Italian Cuisines originated in Milan, Region of Lombardia. The by now traditional global ola of Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese will be once again headed by hundreds of GVCI associates from more than 40 countries but any Italian Food lover or any lover of good food can be a part of this unique event. Joining the celebration is easy: just, fill in this form and prepare Ossocuco con Gremolata on January 17, 2012 according to the authentic recipe. We also love receiving photos from all over the world so please do so too!

The launch of IDIC 2011 will take place in New York City at the International Culinary Center with two days of great events: The Gala Dinner, Workshops, Master Cooking Classes, just to mention a few, and a LIVE Conference with Milan where a press conference will be held simultaneously. On 17 January, Moscow will be the centre of IDIC worldwide celebrations, with the concluding ceremony of the Grana Padano Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards.

JOIN the global ola of Ossobuco in Gremolata alla Milanese!