International Day of Italian Cuisines

What to drink with Ossobuco in Gremolata? The suggesitons of LUCA GARDINI

Luca Gardini, Best Sommellier in the world (2010 WSA), suggests 15 wines from all over Italy and one mineral water, Ferrarelle.

I choose wines that represent the most important Italian oenological regions, for both their typicality and personality. They symbolize the territory where they come from and are strongly linked to the tradition. Each one of them has the required characteristics to emphasize a tasty and rich dish as Ossobuco in Gremolata, accompanied perhaps by Risotto alla Milanese.

White or reds, rosé, still or sparkling, the wines to be preferred with this dish are those with a particular smoothness and pleasantness. The whites must have a limited acidity, the reds instead some gentle tannins and the sparkling must have fine and persistent bubbles, yet not excessive, to avoid the contrast with the spices in the dish. The chosen wines follow an ideal itinerary going from the North to the South of Italy. They all have a good body, to prevent the intensity of the dish from overshadowing the pleasure given by the wine, contributing to a harmonious match.


  • Barbera d’Alba DOC “Campo del Gatto” 2009, Costa di Bussia
  • Dolcetto D’Alba DOC “Canova” 2010, Ressia


  • Franciacorta DOCG Satèn 2008, Le Marchesine
  • Valtellina Superiore DOCG Grumello 2007, Aldo Rainoldi


  • Alto Adige DOC Schiava-Vernatsch 2009, Girlan


  • Spumante Brut Rosé Veneto IGT “Il Vigliacco” 2010, Buglioni


  • Collio DOC Friulano “Ronco delle Cime” 2010, Venica


  • Lambrusco Grasparossa Colli di Scandiano e di Canossa DOC “Sanruffino” 2010, Casali Viticultori


  • Maremma IGT Vermentino “Litorale” 2010, Val delle Rose
  • Montecucco Sangiovese DOC “Marleo” 2009, Salustri


  • Colli Maceratesi DOC Bianco “Angera” 2010, Il Pollenza


  • Fiano di Avellino DOCG 2009, Guido Marsella


  • Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC 2010, La Valentina


  • Salento IGT Rosato “Il Màcaro” 2010, Valle dell’Asso


  • Sicilia IGT Frappato 2008, Arianna Occhipinti

...and the Water

If the mission of the wine is to create a harmony with the food, the task of the water is to make that match perfect.

The fatty characteristics of Ossobuco require a thirst quenching effervescent water with a deterging action, which permits to appreciate the satisfying structure of this dish yet refreshing the palate.

The intense aromatic components of the dish and its spiciness force us to exclude waters with a too aggressive effervescence, which could increase its heaviness generating a sensation of heat or even causticity.

Finally, being a rich and tasty dish, it’s preferable to match it with a full flavored water with the right content of mineral salts. Ferrarelle water, with its natural effervescence, guarantees a perfect tasting balance, by contrasting the fattiness, highlighting the aromas and fulfilling the palate.