International Day of Italian Cuisines

Italian Cuisine New York Awards

The IDIC is a unique opportunity to reward solemnly distinguished professionals who have made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of the Italian food and wine culture around the world. In the occasion of the Launch in New York a number of selected New York based chefs and restaurateurs were rewarded with a Certificate of Appreciation for their exceptional commitment to authentic and quality Italian Cuisine. Among the awardees were the chefs Kevin Garcia (Cesca), Mark Ladner (Del Posto), Fortunato Nicotra (Felidia), Fabio Trabocchi (Fiola), Jessica Botta (International Culinary Center) and the restaurateurs Sergio Bitici (Macelleria), Pino Luongo (Centolire), Gianfranco Sorrentino (Gattopardo) and Angelo Vivolo (Vivolo). The awards were presented to the winners by Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the Director of the International Culinary Center, and Rosario Scarpato in the presence of Grana Padano´s Chairman Nicola Cesare Baldrighi.






Terre del Sole
Academia Barilla
Agricola del Sole
Grand Hotel Villa Torretta


The International Culinary Center
Buona Italia
Stelle del Piemonte
Banville and Jones