International Day of Italian Cuisines

The Launch in New York City

The launch of IDIC 2014, our 7th Edition, took place in New York City at the International Culinary Center  - School of Italian Studies with a day of great events. Cesare Casella (Salumeria Rosi & Ristorante Rosi), ever present figure of Italian cuisine in New York City and Dean of Italian Studies at the ICC, was the host. Rosario Scarpato, creator and director of the IDIC, was in charge of the Live connections with the President in Pompeii, Napoli and with Hotel Villa Torreta in Milano.

This year, Master Chef Enrico Bartolini from Milan, one of Italy’s premier, two-Michelin-starred chefs, was our special Guest Master Chef. The day featured Italian Chefs and artisans as they prepared a variety of Italian culinary specialties related to our 2014 official dish: Spaghetti al dente with Tomato Sauce and Basil and its main ingredients. They did so with demonstrations, presentations and tastings. The event also featured New York´s own Chef Matteo Bergamini of SD26 Restaurant (former Best Emerging Chef), and Chef Luca Signoretti from Roberto’s Restaurant in Dubai (UAE). The three chefs, all under 35, represent a new generation of talented new Italian chefs, though well rooted in the tradition.

The Italian Cuisine in the US Awards and the Best Emerging chef of Italian Cuisine in New York Award was presented to the winners.

The MC was Alessandra Rotondi.

 Photo: Thanks to Julia della Croce.