International Day of Italian Cuisines

A worldwide celebration

IDIC 2010: an unforgettable day in the name of Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese


Over 1000 restaurants and chefs all around the world celebrated the very successful 3rd Edition of the International Day of Italian Cuisines last January 17 promoted by Together, they formed an irresistible worldwide ola of authentic tagliatelle al ragù bolognese to support authentic, quality Italian cuisine against the forgery and counterfeiting of Italian food and products around the world. Among them there were hundreds of GVCI associates, from over 50 countries. IT IS THEM, WHO HAVE BEEN THE TRUE PROTAGONISTS OF THE 2010 IDIC. More coverage of the IDIC 2010 is coming soon but click on these links to see the map with the participants and the list of participating restaurants from Bologna and Emilia Romagna, the galleries with the pictures of the celebration in all continents (see below). Each participationg restaurant received a personalized poster of IDIC 2010 (see a sample) Find out more about authentic tagliatelle al ragù, its history, curiosities and recipes (An Authentic Recipe by Mario Caramella and Other Classical Recipes). The International Day of Italian Cuisines is an initiative promoted by Italian chefs abroad belonging to the itchefs-GVCI network, who are the ones who maintain the identity of Italian cuisine in the world.

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People from everywhere joining the global ola


New York Premiere and Bologna Launch: two outstanding successes

The World Premiere of the International Day of Italian Cuisines 2010 took place in New York City at the Italian Culinary Academy on the 13th and 14th of January 2010 (see below the gallery with the pictures of the protagonists) “Due to its history, NYC is the ideal capital of worldwide Italian cuisine,” says Cesare Casella, executive chef of Salumeria Rosi in the Big Apple, leader of the GVCI in USA and director of the Italian Culinary Studies of New York’s International Culinary Center.

It was a 2 day long event that started on January 13, with an Industry workshop in which IDIC 2010 sponsors and supporters presented their products, as part of the educational strategy behind the celebration of the IDIC.

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IDIC 2010: Gala Dinner and Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards

On January 13 Guest Chefs Chicco and Bobo Cerea (Da Vittorio Restaurant, Brusaporto - Bergamo), assisted by Naruse Fumiaki, cooked the 2010 IDIC Gala Dinner at the ICA (click here to see the menu). Chicco & Bobo, who recently were awarded their third Michelin star, cooked a menu that was an ideal bridge between the Italian culinary traditions and its contemporary, simple and authentic interpretation.

40 VIP guests were welcomed by Dorothy Hamilton, the International Culinary Centre Director, and Cesare Casella. Mario Caramella, GVCI´s President, and Rosario Scarpato, IDIC 2010 Director and GVCI´s Honorary President, with the presence of Dr Francesco Talò, Italian Consul General in New York. It was Dr Talò who officially introduced the 2010 edition of the International Day of Italian Cuisines and announced the 2010 Italian Cuisine Worldwide Awards in recognition of particular people in different countries around the world who have distinguished themselves in their dedication to spreading genuine Italian oenogastronomic culture. Among them, US based Lidia Bastianich and Sirio Maccioni, legendary American personalities, who were present at the dinner and gave two memorable speeches. For the occasion Mario Caramella presented Gianfelice Guerini, Ferrari Formula 1 team chef, with the GVCI chef of the year 2010, consisting of a silver pan made by Piazza. Paolo Monti, GVCI Forum Moderator and one of the organizers of the Hong Kong Italian Cuisine Asia Summit, joined Mario and Rosario as part of the official GVCI delegation. Among the guests coming from Italy there was Alberto Lupini, the director of “Italia a Tavola” Magazine.


Launching the Global Ola of Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese

On January 14, at the International Culinary Center amphitheatre, lucky guests assisted to a tasty preview of what took place later on, on January 17, in more than 1000 restaurants around the world. The Sfoglina Cinzia Orlandi, patron Davide Minarelli, and chef Valentino Rizzo, from Osteria Bottega Bologna, prepared authentic and quality Tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese, the celebrative dish of IDIC 2010. Mario Caramella, GVCI president, illustrated the aim of the initiative and the reason for which Tagliatelle were chosen as the official dish: “Around the world too often this dish is prepared out of the most bizarre ingredients, often with overcooked spaghetti that are sold in a can; stuff that has nothing to do with genuine original tagliatelle al ragù”.

The Special guest of the Launch was Mario Batali. The American chef who, perhaps more than any other, has contributed to acquainting the USA with modern oenogastronomic Italy. Rosario Scarpato introduced Batali saying that “He is a scholar of ragù alla bolognese, having taken his first steps as chef near Bologna and its surrounding province”. A few minutes later, during a live video conference with Bologna, where the IDIC 2010 was simultaneously being launched in a media conference, Batali was declared firstly Honorary Member of the Apostolato della Tagliatella, an association that aims at preserving the authentic tradition of tagliatelle making, and then Culinary Ambassador of Bologna and Emilia Romagna. In Bologna GVCI was represented by Giacomo Gallina, Executive chef of Dolce&Gabbana Gold Restaurant in Milan and GVCI's Vice President, Giovanna Marson, member of the GVCI Board and chef at Prego Restaurant, in the Taj Coromandel Hotel, Chennai (India), and Aldo Palaoro, one of the most active GVCI associates in Italy.

IDIC 2010 Launch in Bologna


Chicco and Bobo Cerea Cooking Master Class

The New York premiere was concluded by a Cooking Master Class by Chicco and Bobo Cerea, chefs of Da Vittorio Restaurant, in Brusaporto (Bergamo – Italy)


Stuttgart: the triumph of Tagliatelle and memorable Great Italian Sunday Lunches


On January 17, 2010 Stuttgart (Germany) was the centre of the worldwide IDIC celebrations. A full program of events has been put together with the support and the coordination of itchefs-GVCI senior associate, great chef and German TV celebrity: Sante De Santis. To make a qualified participation to the global ola delle Tagliatelle Mauro Fabbri, the executive chef of Ristorante Diana (Bologna) one of the oldest eateries in town, came specially to Stuttgart, together with expert sfoglina Luisa Lolli, to prepare authentic tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese. Together with Sante and the brigade of San Pietro, they prepared the delicious traditional dish on Saturday (at the Metro Hypermarket and in the facilities of Di Gennaro, importers of fine wines and food from Italy) and on Sunday.

Stuttgart celebrations were very special for another reason as well: falling on a Sunday, itchefs-GVCI and Sante De Santis thought it was a good opportunity to celebrate one of the greatest and most important institutions of Italian Cuisines: The Great Sunday Lunch (Il Grande Pranzo della Domenica). Three great chefs arrived in town to interpret the Great Italian Sunday Lunch of three different eras:

On 16th January, it was Donato De Santis, a talented chef based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, very popular in Latin America for his successful cooking show on El Gourmet TV Station, who cooked his dinner at Di Gennaro Feinkost und Weinimport, with the collaboration of Konrad Sluga. Click here to see Donato’s menu.

On the 17th January, at the San Pietro Restaurant, it was the turn of Roland Schuller, once chef of the Don Alfonso and today working in Hong Kong as executive chef of The Drawing Room, the only Italian restaurant in town with a Michelin star. Click here to see Roland Schuller´s menu. The great lunch cooked by Roland Schuller, was halted for a few minutes, to allow a celebration of Tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese prepared by Mauro Fabbri and Luisa Lolli, all chefs present – including Sante De santis, Roland, Marco Sacco, Luigi Magni and the San Pietro brigade symbolically participated into the cooking of the dish.

Guests highly appreciated the video conference via Skype with other chefs cooking tagliatelle around the world and in particular Pietro Rongoni from Moscow, Andrea Delzanno (Gaia Restaurant) from hong Kong and Corrado Michelazzo (Va Bene Restaurant) from Shanghai. Monday 18th was Marco Sacco´s (Piccolo Lago Restaurant, Verbania, Piedmont) turn. Holder of two Michelin stars, he interpreted the great Italian Sunday lunch of the future. To see Marco Sacco´s menu click here.

Pictures of Stuttgart events, unless credited otherwise, by Rosana Milivinti

Photo galleries:



Tasting of authentic Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese in Stuttgart


17 January Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese, the queen of the celebrations


The Great Italian Sunday Lunch (Il Grande Pranzo Della Domenica Italiana): As in the old days with a modern twist - By Donato De Santis


The Great Italian Sunday Lunch (Il Grande Pranzo della Domenica Italiana): Contemporary Style - By Chef Roland Schuller


The Great Italian Sunday Lunch (Il Grande Pranzo della Domenica Italiana): The Future - By Chef Marco Sacco


International Day of Italian Cuisines 2010: A Worldwide Media Coverage

The last edition of the International Day of Italian Cuisines celebrating authentic Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese had outstanding media coverage in TV, radio, press and online. Below you can find just SOME of the media in which IDIC 2010 was featured (on the left: IDIC 2010 in the German newspaper Stuttgart Zeitung with the chefs Marco Sacco and Roland Schuller, two of the protagonists of the events in Stuttgart).

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Italian chefs convene to eat, give awards and make bolognese

Italy in campaign to defend reputation of spaghetti bolognese

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MARIO CARAMELLA Chef Italiano da New York, "il Tagliatelle Day" in tutto il mondo

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Tagliatella Tour

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