International Day of Italian Cuisines

Tagliatelle al ragù Bolognese, the official dish of the IDIC 2010


Ragù alla Bolognese

The dish of the next International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) will be Tagliatelle al ragù alla bolognese. Hundreds of Italian chefs around the world will repeat on January 17th 2010 the ola of the last two years, when the dishes to be celebrated and protected were Carbonara and Risotto alla Milanese. Tagliatelle al ragù, originally and icon of the city of Bologna and its surroundings, is by now one of the most popular dishes of Italian Cuisine and therefore the most counterfeited around the world. “We want to let Italian food lovers all around the world know how to cook and enjoy a quality authentic tagliatelle al ragù which, in the majority of the cases, has nothing to do with the awful, wrongly called ‘bolognaise sauces’”, says Bali based GVCI’s President Mario Caramella. The International Day of Italian Cuisines is born out of the mission of both educating worldwide consumers to enjoy authentic and quality Italian cuisine and protecting their right to get what they pay for when going to eateries labelled as “Italian”. Organized by the International Day of Italian Cuisines promises to be an exciting and successful world wide event, as the last two editions were.