International Day of Italian Cuisines

2010 IDIC: The Countdown Has Started

The International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) will return on Sunday January 17, 2010. As in the past editions, it will be a worldwide celebration of authentic and quality Italian Cuisine, to defend it from bogus and counterfeiting. Hundreds of chefs and restaurateurs all around the world (see the list) will cook simultaneously on that day Tagliatelle al Ragù alla Bolognese, according to an authentic recipe (see recipe). As in the past the backbone of the global ola of Tagliatelle will be the GVCI associates in over 40 countries. But any Italian Food lover or any lover of just good food can join the ola, by just registering here. The 2010 IDIC will be launched in New York City for two days (13 and 14 January) of great events, hosted by Cesare Casella, Dean of the Italian Culinary Academy and itchefs-GVCI senior member. Talented chefs from all over the world – including 3 Michelin stared Chicco Cerea and Mario Batali - will gather in the Big Apple for a Media and Industry Preview of the worldwide Sunday January 17 celebration. In Europe, Stuttgart will be one of the main events of the International Day of Italian Cuisines, with a special celebration of Tagliatelle al Ragù alla Bolognese and the Sunday’s meal (Il pranzo della domenica), one of the most defining moments of Italian culinary traditions. Stuttgart based celebrity chef Sante De Santis, will host gifted chefs such as Marco Sacco (Piccolo Lago Verbania, Italy), Roland Schuller (The Drawing Room, Hong Kong) and Donato De Santis (Buenos Aires).