International Day of Italian Cuisines

IDIC 2010 celebrated: a world of Tagliatelle al Ragù

An irresistible worldwide ola of tagliatelle al ragù bolognese has been the protagonist of the 2010 International Day of Italian Cuisines (IDIC) celebrated on Sunday 17th January. Pictures and reports of the IDIC 2010 celebration will be soon on this website. In the map above you may find out in which establishments hundreds of chefs, in more than 50 countries, have simultaneously prepared this dish to say "no" to the forgery and counterfeiting of Italian products and cuisine around the world. Once again, the chefs of the GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Cooks), a network of over a thousand professionals in Italian oenogastronomy who work all over the world, have lead and promote this global event. The last two IDIC celebrated first, Spaghetti alla Carbonara and then Risotto alla Milanese and these dishes were featured on the menus of over 400 restaurants.

“If there’s a dish that represents the worst worldwide forgery of Italian cooking, it has to be the so-called bolognaise,” says Mario Caramella, president del GVCI and executive chef of a large hotel, sporting an Italian restaurant, in Bali, Indonesia. “It’s prepared out of the most bizarre ingredients, often with overcooked spaghetti, sold in a can; stuff that has nothing to do with genuine original tagliatelle al ragù,” adds Caramella. Here you may find more about authentic tagliatelle al ragù, its history, curiosities and recipes (An Authentic Recipe by Mario Caramella and Other Classical Recipes)

The International Day of Italian Cuisines is without a doubt a celebration of Italian flavours and culinary culture, and what’s more” explains Rosario Scarpato, food writer, GVCI Honorary President and director of; “it’s an initiative promoted by Italian chefs abroad who are the ones who maintain the identity of Italian cuisine on international markets. Without this identity, it would be very difficult to sell food products ‘made in Italy’ abroad”.