International Day of Italian Cuisines

IDIC 2016 - An unprecedented world celebration of Italian Cuisine

Almost 1000 restaurants around the world will celebrate on Sunday January 17, 2016, the 9th IDIC – International day of Italian Cuisines, Costoletta alla Milanese Day. A list of participant chefs and restaurants is available ,although as in the past years hundreds of restaurants participate spontaneously. The main event of the IDIC will be celebrated in Milan, the city where the Costoletta was born. Starting from 12 noon (Italian time), on Sunday 17 January, at the Hotel LaGare Milan, will meet virtually all the participants and there will be video connections with many chefs around the world, including Mario Caramella (Singapore), Vittorio Beltramelli Vittorioi (Paris), Giuseppe Maria Brancati (Hong Kong), Andrea Mugaveroo and Alessandro Miceli (Dubai), Gennaro Miele (Beijing), Paolo Pancotti (Napier New Zealand), Donato De Santis (Buenos Aires), Cesare Casella (New York), Walter Potenza (Providence), Luigi Magni (Moscow), Francesco Spampinato (Ekaterinburg Russia) At the same time a parade of important and talented chefs will pay a culinary tribute to this dish, an icon of Italian Cuisine all around the world. Among the participants:
- Tommaso Arrigoni, Innocenti Evasioni, Milano**
- Enrico Bartolini, Ristorante Devero**, Milano (DC)
- Nicola Cavallaro, Un posto a Milano
- Marino Marino D'Antonio, Opera Bombana, Pechino
- Felix Lo Basso, Unico, Milano*
- Aira Piva, Italian Cuisine World Summit, Dubai
- Marco Sacco, Piccolo Lago, Mergozzo**
- Matteo Scibilia, Osteria della Buona Condotta, Ornago
- Tano Simonato, Tano passami l’olio, Milano*
There will be also the participation of
Enrico Derflingher, President Euro Toques Italy Rocco Cristiano Pozzulo, President FIC Italian Federation of Chefs There will be also representatives of famous Milanese Trattorias including Marco Tronconi e Giovanni Traversone Del Nuovo Macello and Andrea Sconfienza of Antica Trattoria del Morivione. There will be also the finalists of Emergente Nord (Lombardy Region) Davide Caranchini of Casa Santo Stefano (winner) and Luca Cappellari of Essenza Restaurant.
During this unprecedented gastronomic sit will be opened by Rosario Scarpato, IDIC 2016 Director, and Alberto Lupini, Italia aTavola Chief Editor, Media Partner of the event. There will be also famous Italian food writers as speakers including Paolo Marchi, founder and director of Identita’Golose, Allan Bay and Luigi Cremona. Master Butcher Simone Fracassii and Alberto Masseroni will talk of the right meat for the Costoletta The spirit of IDIC is to put together all the energies to guarantee that lovers of Italian Cuisine all around the world has the best, quality and authentic experience. Amang the Partners very important Italian brands including GRana Padano and Ferrari Spumanti

What IDIC stands for?

The International Day of Italian Cuisines IDIC was born as a reaction against the systematic forgery of Italian cuisine and products. It aims at protecting the right of worldwide consumers to get authentic and quality Italian cuisine when they go to eateries labeled as “Italian”. Thousands of chefs, restaurateurs and lovers of Italian Food all over the world join the annual IDIC appeal, a tradition by now, launched by itchefs-GVCI (Virtual Group of Italian Chefs), a network of over 1900 culinary professionals working in 70 countries. True Italian cuisine is part of the world’s cultural heritage; its celebration is not against creativity in the kitchen or innovation. It’s only about establishing some basic principles: when the name of a traditional Italian dish is used, that dish should be prepared in the traditional manner.

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